SNOMED International works with vendors to ease adoption, integration and implementation of SNOMED CT into vendor solutions to enhance offerings for the global market.




Stimulating the market for SNOMED CT solutions is a key focus of our mandate, and the marketplace is an area where vendors of SNOMED CT can exchange business information with potential purchasers. 


Vendor introduction to



An informative and practical introduction to SNOMED CT, this introduction focuses primarily on the needs of vendors and developers of electronic health record systems and other related applications in healthcare information technology.


Using the SNOMED CT logo


Are you interested in using the SNOMED CT logo to promote your product? Authorized commercial and not for profit organizations using SNOMED CT within their products can submit a request to use the SNOMED CT logo on their website and related promotional materials.  

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SNOMED CT is an extremely powerful health terminology solution that can be deployed in countless ways to the benefit of vendors and their customers. That said, skilled resources can be scarce, so SNOMED International has made it easier for you to gain the knowledge you require by providing ready access to education offerings, targeted to specific resources within your organization.


Vendor oriented education



SNOMED International does not charge for use of SNOMED CT in SNOMED International Member countries or territories. Charges may apply for affiliate use of SNOMED CT in non-Member territories and are calculated based on use as well as the territory as determined by the World Bank.






SNOMED CT browsers enable partners to search and get acquainted with the SNOMED CT product. They provide access to over 500,000 SNOMED CT clinical concepts, extending a great opportunity to understand the semantic ontology upon which SNOMED CT is built.


Member Licensing and Distribution Service


The Member Licensing and Distribution Service (MLDS) is provided by SNOMED International for organizations and individuals to request use and access to the International Release of SNOMED CT for use in non-Member countries.


Technical support


The SNOMED International mission is to improve the health of humankind. However, this can’t be fully achieved without the vendor community able to successfully integrate SNOMED CT into their solutions.

In collaborative fashion, SNOMED International aims to help remove the barriers to the understanding and implementation of SNOMED CT. Get in touch to ask questions, make recommendations and provide vendor requirements.

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